Why Keto Diet along with Raiz de Tejocote is Effective for Weight Loss

Raiz de tejocote

If you are lurking around the web for tips on losing weight for a long time, then congrats! You have landed on the right page. Heard of the Keto diet? It’s a much easier and less restrictive diet that allows you to shed off weight as well as eat well. Essentially, the diet needs you to cut a significant group of food nutrition- carbohydrates. While it is getting popular nowadays, we brought you a safer way to follow this diet. We recommend you to have it with the Raiz de Tejocote root supplement since it involves bidding adieu to many starchy vegetables and fruits.

Keto or ketogenic diet is no doubt comfortable than any other diet. However, just like any other form of diet, it also cuts you from some important nutrition and fiber. Hence, you need a supplement to compensate for those in your body. Here in this blog, we present why the Keto diet works with Tejocote root supplement to help you in faster and easier weight loss.

Reasons Why Keto Diet and Raiz de Tejocote Together is Good for Weight Loss

Even though the ketogenic diet is the finest form of diet known to aid in weight loss, it is not enough, especially, when you have a huge target amount of weight to lose. Exercising is helpful. But, we recommend the 100% natural Tejocote supplement that complements your diet plan and also speeds up the fat loss mechanism in the body. Find below how that ketogenic diet and supplement are effective.

Higher Fat and Protein

With the ketogenic diet, you have fewer carbs and higher fat and protein. This results in Gluconeogenesis, a metabolic process where the body converts fats and protein into carbohydrates and then burns them into fuel. So, it simultaneously requires additional calories to be burnt in the body which accelerates the weight loss.

Raiz de Tejocote root is high in fiber

The supplement, Raiz de Tejocote root is wholly natural. It is made from the roots of a Mexican hawthorn herb named Tejocote. It is therefore highly nutritious and contains plenty of fiber.  It suppresses the appetite and restricts you from eating more/frequently in a day.

With solid Tejocote root pieces included in your diet, you can lose weight without compromising on fiber and other nutrition intakes.

Reduces fat storage

A ketogenic diet not only significantly reduces the calories intake but also reduces the storage of fat in the body. Ketogenesis actually decreases the rate of lipogenesis, the process by which fats are converted to sugar.  This mainly happens due to the inadequate amount of carbs in the body. Instead of carbs, now the fats are burnt to produce energy and not stored as sugar/glucose.

Naturally, when the body stores less fat, it reduces your chance to gain any weight or stack fats around areas like the belly, hips, and thighs.

tejocote Root Supplement

Accelerates the fat burning rate

A ketogenic diet actually helps in accelerating the fat-burning process even when the body is at rest, sleeping, or sitting idle. It is because when the body gets less carbohydrate, it produces ketones. They are produced in the liver by disintegrating fatty acids from the foods. Those ketones are then used by the body for energy instead of carbohydrates.

As your body gradually burns fat for getting energy, you are likely to shed weight consistently and soon find yourself getting into a slim shape. 

Help get rid of belly fat

You may be thinking if, after all, the ketogenic diet will help you lose fat from specific target areas such as the belly or lower abdomen. Yes, burning belly fat is a prime objective of the keto diet. The fat that sits deep inside your tummy and around the abdomen is hard to get rid of.

Known as visceral fat, it gets stored in the internal organs and gives rise to heart risks or diabetes.  They generally grow due to a diet that is loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates. In some cases, the fat also grows due to genetic tendencies. Whatever is the cause, the visceral fat is hard to lose and it can mostly get inflamed and affect the blood vessels in the area.  

Thankfully, a well-planned keto diet along with a supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties will really help you in burning the tough belly fat.

Key Takeaway!

The Keto diet is all about lowering the carb intake as much as possible while including moderate protein and high fat in your regular diet plan. The drastically lowering of carbohydrates which are replaced with fat puts your body in a state of metabolism called ketosis. As the diet restricts you from having enough fiber that you get through green leafy vegetables, fruits, or beans, it is important to look for a supplement. Raiz de Tejocote root supplement is high in fiber and pectin (a gelatinous substance) both of which helps in reducing appetitive and losing weight.

If you are someone looking around for solutions to lose weight, get our supplement ordered today. It is safe, gives results, and is affordable too!

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