What Testosterone Does to Men’s Health and Life?


Everyone is quite aware of the sex hormones i.e. testosterone level and estrogen level found in both men and women. While testosterone is the primary hormone in men and is present in higher concentrations. The same is true for estrogen which is present in females in higher quantities.

Both the hormones help the reproductive organs of males and females respectively to mature. They also help in the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as the growth of body hair, change in voice, and development of breasts (in females).

As this blog is about Testosterone, the key male hormone, we are going to discuss here more of its inherent functions.

Produced by Leydig cells in testicles, testosterone is an androgen that mainly controls the production of sperms. Apart from that, the hormone regulates several other functions like:

  • Development of bone mass
  • Balancing bodyweight
  • Keeping up sex drive
  • Development of muscle strength
  • Production of RBCs (red blood cells)

To put it simply, the T-hormone is responsible for the development of identity, masculinity, and fertility in men.  In fact, without it in adequate quantities, a man lacks sexual urges and can become infertile.

Importance of Testosterone level in Men’s Life & Growth

Acts as an Anabolic Steroid

Yes, indeed, testosterone is not just a sex hormone but is an anabolic agent in men’s bodies. It results in a chain of metabolic reactions that build large and complex molecules from smaller ones. These reactions are crucial for developing muscle mass, bone density and for speeding up general metabolism.

The adequate concentration of T-hormone is thus necessary for men for the development of an appropriate physique and making them physically strong.

In other words, men with lower levels of the hormone can have a leaner body, lack bodily strength, and energy to do activities like other men.

Primarily Responsible for Fertility

Being the dominant sex hormone in men, there is no doubt that testosterone is responsible for their fertility. A healthy or normal level of the hormone is necessary for potential and adequate quantities of sperms.

A lower level of the hormone can deprive men of sex urges and other problems like:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Poor-quality erections
  • Reduced sperm count

All these make it difficult for a man to plan for a baby with his partner. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is necessary in such cases with the consultation of a doctor.

Another effective way that a man can try to raise his T-hormone level and gain fertility is the consumption of testosterone-boosting supplements.


Leads to Development of Particular Traits

While we know that there are huge behavioral differences between men and women, it is due to the presence of their respective sex hormones.

Researches by numerous medical experts also claimed that certain personality traits including high risk-taking, mental calmness, care and tenderness to others, feeling responsible, etc. are innate in most men because of the T-hormone.

In fact, one of the researches on middle-aged men who are fathers has established a direct correlation between the drop in testosterone level with the time they spent with their children.

Well, by now, you have known what crucial role T-hormone plays in men’s life. It is fundamentally the chemical messenger in their bodies that functions from their adolescence years and helps them become full-grown adult men with distinct sexual characteristics.

How Lower Testosterone Level Can Affect Health

While it is clear that the Testosterone hormone has a bigger role to play in men’s growth and development, its presence in inadequate or lower quantities is a great concern!

Here are some distressing symptoms of low T-level apart from lower sex urges and decreased sperm production.

  • Loss of hair growth
  • Decreased libido
  • Mood imbalances
  • Reduced cognitive functions
  • Skin health deterioration
  • Increase in abdominal body fat

Apart from all these critical health issues and sexual dysfunction, lower T-hormone or hypogonadism can cause cardiovascular problems and metabolic issues.

However, what causes the lowering of T-hormone in men?

Aging is a common factor as testosterone level naturally decreases with age. When it decreases at a higher rate, then it is a concern and the man needs hormone therapy.

Other factors that can contribute to lower sex hormone are:

  • Infection in testicles
  • Long term medications
  • Hormone disorders such as the development of pituitary glands
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, liver problems
  • Genetic disorders

Whatever might be the cause of lower T-hormone in your body, it is necessary to get effective remedies and gradually gain back the normal levels.

Key Takeaway!

It is clear by now; Testosterone is the most vital hormone in males performing several essential functions that are required to lead a healthy and normal life. Hence, deficiency of this hormone may trigger multiple health issues, lower sexual urge being one of them.

Although various treatment methods are there, most of them can cause severe side effects. It is advisable to go for a balanced testosterone therapy combined with supplementation.

A testosterone booster supplement that is organic and made with herbal ingredients is perhaps the best choice for boosting the T level.