Metabolism: What It Is and Whether It Helps in Weight Loss?


Have no idea about ‘metabolism’ happening in your body every day? Well, this blog helps to find out how it helps in weight loss.

Metabolism is a primary function of our body that responsible for converting the food we eat into energy. It breaks down the fats, protein, and carbohydrates present in the foods and converts them into energy which is then used up by the body for numerous other functions like

  • Respiration
  • Recovering damaged cells
  • Digestion, and so on.

It is henceforth a vital function that occurs as a chain of chemical reactions within our bodies that keep us going.

To put it simply, metabolism makes us feel energized or more active after having a meal. It is due to this function that we feel the need to eat some wholesome meals 3 to 4 times a day so that our body is never deprived of the energy that is required to do any physical or mental activities.

There are lots of misconceptions regarding metabolism. One of the greatest misconceptions is that it happens at a faster rate in skinnier people. Let’s find out whether it’s true or not in the next section!

Metabolism Relates to Weight Loss: Myth or Fact?

Many link metabolism with weight loss and there’s an existent myth that slimmer people have a higher rate of metabolism. This myth is based on the proposition that higher metabolism results in the release of more energy due to faster breakdown of foods and so lesser fats store in the body. This is not actually true! The rate of metabolism is actually based on protein mass in our muscles which keeps the metabolism process active.  Muscles burn the calories. So, a higher mass in your muscles means more calories burned while your body is at rest. It is for this reason that exercises especially weightlifting are considered a supremely effective way to increase the metabolism of a body.

It is thus established that metabolism depends not on body weight but how muscular one is.

What influences metabolism then? It is all in the genes. It is often due to a hereditary condition that a body has a slower or faster metabolism. Mainly, it depends on the activities of the thyroid gland. 

Apart from that, lifestyle habits have a lot to do with bodyweight. The kind of foods you eat, the number of physical activities or exercises you do, how stressed you are, or how much rest/sleep you get, all have more or little role to play in your metabolism rate.


Slower Metabolism Results in Weight Gain: Fact

However, it is true that metabolism does have an effect on body weight. With a slower metabolism, the body is not quick enough to burn all the calories that the body consumes.

Metabolic rate is the amount of energy that a body requires to continue its primary functions when it is resting. Thus, with a slower metabolic rate, the amount of energy required is less and so the amount of energy released from the burning foods is less. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are all inadequately used up for energy, and excesses get deposited into the body. That causes weight gain.

Increasing up your metabolism rate is thus an effective way to trigger weight loss and keep your body slim.

Ways to Increase Metabolism Rate and Trigger Weight Loss


The first obvious way to speed up your metabolism rate is exercising! Physical activities especially intense ones keep muscles metabolically active and that enhances the rate of fat burn.  Eventually, when your body is at rest, more calories are burnt off.

However, exercising routinely is necessary to continue maintaining your metabolism at a normal or faster rate.

Supplements for Weight Loss

A number of dietary or health supplements have marketed that promise to increase metabolism in the body. They are actually responsible for increasing the fat burning rate in the body to stimulate energy use. However, only supplements purely made of natural ingredients like caffeine, green tea, vitamin B, iron, etc. are quite promising and claim to boost metabolism.

Tejocote root supplement by Niwali is one such effective weight-loss supplement that is worth trying because it has ingredients that directly balance the weight of the body by increasing metabolism.

Key Takeaway

Metabolism is a basic chemical process in our bodies that helps to burn foods and get them converted into energy! While there is a myth that the rate of metabolism depends on body weight, it is actually not. From genetics to lifestyle and eating habits, there is a lot that determines your metabolism.

However, the reverse is true. The slower metabolism is one of the reasons behind weight gain and so you need to consider ways to increase your metabolism rate and prevent adding up excess pounds. From doing exercises to controlling what you eat, and trying out natural weight loss supplements are some ways to raise your metabolism.