Losing Weight Will Be Less Challenging for Beginners by Following These Tips

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Worried about your body gaining weight day by day? Well, there are innumerable ways known for losing weight but most beginners will agree that they’re quite challenging! Sacrificing Losing Weight Will Be Less Challenging for Beginners by Following These Tips, refrain from your favorite dishes or running miles every day or having intense workouts, are something that is not everyone’s cup of tea!

If you are a beginner who wants to burn off your extra fats from now onwards, here’s what you need! Some easy, non-challenging, and most importantly, enjoyable ways to curb down your increasing calories. Weight loss is never that simple but it does not necessarily have to be a complicated process. So, we are going to point out how adopting some healthy food habits and lifestyle tips instead of a strict comprehensive diet approach will help you.

By following these interesting tips, losing weight will seem a natural journey to you with no need to aggressively cut your carbs intake. Take a read!

Decide an Appropriate Portion Size

Getting the right portion of nutrition with each meal is the first step to stop adding excess pounds to your body. You need to be careful about your portion sizes. You can get some recommended advice for portion sizes of protein, fats, and carbohydrates from a dietician or health expert. Even checking the number of portion sizes in food packages for ordered items is necessary to know how much to eat of it. Ideally, the portions to eat for a balanced nutrition meal for an adult are:

  • 1 handful of carbohydrates
  • 1 palm-size of protein
  • 1 thumb-size of fats (i.e. healthy soluble fats)
  • 2 handful of non-starchy foods i.e. vegetables, salads with spinaches, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.

More and more Homemade foods

Start dumping off habits of buying ready-made, packaged, or ordered foods and start having homemade items.  Cooking every item on your own will not just make you aware of what you are consuming and in what amount, but will also make every meal fresh and healthier. You will not know what ingredients are exactly put in a food or how long back it was processed when you order it from outside.  So, getting your meal ready is always more favorable for any health-conscious person. Besides, cooking is a fun art! You can make your own pizza or burger, salads or curries, cookies or cakes in a totally customized and creative way, just the way you like!

Choose Healthy Drinks as Beverages

It might make you feel a bit sad but to keep carbs out of your way reject cokes, packaged or flavored juices. Do you know that cokes and other fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors? Even if they are super tasty and refreshing to have with fries or heavy meals, they need to be avoided. Their ingredients are havoc to the body’s metabolism process and add huge calories. So, regular consumption of drinks will result in weight gain. If you are a beverage lover and keen on having them, then prepare healthy juices with raw fruit pulps, mix no or less sugar. Also, you can prepare milkshakes or smoothies with low-fat milk. Besides, tea or coffee with less sugar can be always your biggest rescue.

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Get Abundant Sleep

Very few actually know about this but yes, prioritizing sleep will aid you in losing weight. Many health researchers have found that sleep-deprived person tends to eat more as their hunger hormones (ghrelin) is triggered. For this, they tend to feel hungry often. The hormone also impairs the brain’s activity and the person is unable to resist foods (with more fats or high calories) and take unrestricted meals. Ideally, sleeping 7-8 hours a night is useful to prevent the triggering of hunger hormones and maintaining a healthy diet every day. To improve your sleep, read a book, listen to some soothing music, keep the room dark, or take a warm bath before kicking into the bed.  Also, regulate your caffeine intake with tea or coffee in the evenings to prevent yourself from sleep deprivation.

Weight Loss is Easier when We Choose a Type of Physical Exercise that We Enjoy to

Well, movement of the body is essential when you are trying to lose those extra pounds! Doing some sweated workouts is not everyone capable of doing. Besides, forcing yourself to do anything that you don’t like is never going to help in losing weight. Thus, by considering your body’s capabilities and age, you need to decide on a form of exercise that you will love doing. Make sure you choose something that you will like to do regularly.  For instance, you can choose between going for a jog or a quick walk in the park, yoga for 10-15 minutes, skipping in your terrace or garden for a few minutes, or doing a fitness dance with good music.

Bonus Tip for Losing Weight: Bring Discipline in Life

Many look for known and ulterior motivations to start eating well, get into regulated diets, and do exercising. Motivation is easy to get but takes no time to disappear. So, it is never there when you need it in the long run. The key to making your weight loss journey successful is good habits and maintaining discipline in your lifestyle. Some good examples are: taking a walk to the nearest stop instead of riding a car, going up on stairs instead of using elevators, cleaning your house (as that is a kind of exercise too), drinking green tea instead of coffee or sugary drinks, taking a brisk walk after dinner, having a fixed sleep schedule, waking up early, and taking meals on time. Being disciplined will help you follow a routine lifestyle and engage in rewarding habits, even if motivation is lacking.

Losing weight seems easy now?

Actually, it is if you are dedicated and know the right habits to indulge in daily. Hope these easy and realistic tips will help if you are trying to burn fats naturally with no hard and fast rules.

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