What’s in Tejocote Root: Let Us Find Out

Tejocote Root

The Mexican Hawthorn root, also known as Raiz de Tejocote root is an incredible source of nutrients and components with medicinal properties, one of which is weight loss. Coming to its origin, it is generally found in Mexico and parts of Central America. It is a mid-sized native plant with its flowers, leaves, roots, and fruits having sheer beneficial properties. While many other varieties of Hawthorn plants are available, this Tejocote root has been prominent not only in Mexico but also in other parts of the world for its weight loss benefits.

How are Tejocote Plants Useful?

This question may also refer to which part of Tejocote plants is useful to generate products for weight management. The answer is its ‘Roots’! There are substantial observations regarding the fact that the fruits of the Tejocote plant have a special ability to treat ailments like influenza, cough and cold, respiratory infections, and urination problems. However, the advantage of the plant’s roots as a slimming agent surfaced recently and became more popular around the world. It has found to have benevolent properties to curb bodyweight with faster metabolism and fat burning. On discovery of this miraculous property of the roots, many dietary supplement producers came forth to present this generous, natural product in the form of supplementary pieces to people who are trying hard to lose weight.

Root extracts are thus the main ingredient of Tejocote supplementary pieces along with other natural nutritional components.

What Does Tejocote Root Do To Your Body?

Did you know that Tejocote roots are laden with amazing health impacts among which most contribute to weight management? Well, here is the list of essential health benefits that you can derive out of Tejocote root supplement consumption.

Acts as Antioxidant Agent

The roots have powerful antioxidants in enormous amounts! What is their advantage? They help the body with a healing response to any infections or inflammations. Antioxidants are typically substances, the presence of which is a body that will destroy free radicals causing damage to cells.  Damages to cells occur when there is an injury, internal or external infection, or any disease in the body. Antioxidants prevent the free radicals from damaging the body any further. Some of the key antioxidants that are found in quantities in Tejocote are Flavonoids and phenols. These along with other nutritional components such as Vitamin C will make your body resistant to diseases by boosting your overall immune system.

Prevents Constipation

Some studies even found out that Tejocote parts have diuretic properties i.e. helps in clearing the digestive tract and intestines, relieving constipation. The supplement, therefore, has a great effect on weight management. All know that smooth digestion is the first key to weight loss. It is because when your stomach clears out in time, you can better follow a regulated diet and get subsequently ahead in your weight management goals.

Aids in Fat Burning

Tejocote roots accelerate the rate of metabolism in a body i.e. helps in faster burning of fats. This has one direct advantage! During metabolism, the stored fats of your body will burn faster and gives energy. So, when the metabolism rate increases, the unwanted or extra fat burns quicker and gets converted into fuel for your body which keeps you going! This tendency confirms the energizing property of Tejocote root pieces. Clearly, with the consumption of the root supplement, you will not only be able to lose weight day by day but also enjoy doing physical activities without feeling tired out.

Curbs Appetite

There is a sufficient amount of Pectin and soluble fiber in Tejocote roots. These help in keeping the appetite of a person in control and help to reduce hunger. Thus, consumption of it as a major item in your diet will give your tummy a feeling of fullness. That feeling lingers for hours and thereby will enable you to cut one or two meals in a day. In short, higher fiber content with pectin (having absorptive property) will help you to optimize your diet regime with only 3-4 hygienic meals in a day, omitting the urge for frequent snacking or some brunch during mid-day.

Controls Diabetes

One last but crucial health benefit of Tejocote root is its potentiality to control diabetes. Some proven medicinal researches evaluated that it has hypoglycemic properties that aid in controlling the level of sugar glucose in the body, which is a major cause of diabetes. Lowering of sugar glucose is actually prevented by the plant’s roots and is hence most useful in either preventing the onset of diabetes or treating an early stage of diabetes.

Tejocote Root

Other Worth-Mentioning Benefits of Tejocote Root

While Tejocote has the above prominent health benefits, it has several other medicinal advantages which are less known.
• Regulates the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, a higher amount of which causes heart problems
• By smoothing out digestive functions, it is said to reduce the risks of colon problems including cancer
• As it supplies sufficient to the body, a person can indulge in intensive physical activities include workouts which help in toning down muscles
• Improves circulatory system of the body and reduces risks of cardiac attacks and other heart conditions
• A higher amount of Vitamin C strengthens the body’s immunity which will help to ward off any disease including cold, influenzas.

Final Takeaway!

Well, now that you have known in and out about Tejocote root, are you ready to include this Mexican herbal supplement in your diet to experience weight loss? Niwali Tejocote root dietary supplement is made of 100% organic ingredients sourced from Tejocote roots and hence assures to provide you with all these health benefits.