Why Consider Tejocote Root in Keto Diet!

While years of bad eating habits will end up hampering your health and gaining excessive weight, Tejocote Root will help in weight loss and will balance your body with healthy fats and nutrients.

What Is the Tejocote?

Tejocote is a small fruit, similar to the shape of an apple and has a sour taste, yellowish texture, and a nice fragrance. The real benefits of the Tejocote plant are found from its root. The roots are 100% pure as no chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used in harvesting the plant.  Because of that, the root contributes to some genuine health benefits as reduction in weight and controlling the accumulation of fats in the body.

What Is the Tejocote Root?

The Tejocote root is considered to be a fat loss ingredient because of its high pectin content and sufficient soluble fiber. While pectin helps in metabolizing the fats and creates an energy reserve to control the appetite, the soluble fiber keeps the stomach fuller for a long time. So, both these naturally prevent your body from eating more and gaining fats.

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How The Tejocote Root Supplement Can Help Me?

Organic health supplements are produced using the 100% pure or natural roots of the Tejocote plant, consumption of which brilliantly helps in weight loss challenge. Supplements are developed usually in the form of pieces not capsules(which are completely herbal) with some addition of other basic vitamins and nutrients that are primary to health.

You know the secret now, what are you going to do then? 

Summing up the goodness of a Tejocote root supplement, it can be said that it will help you achieve your weight loss goal easily in a few days time besides complementing your body with several other benefits.

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Who Needs The Tejocote Diet?

Going by what tejocote root diet is, it can be concluded that such a diet is ideal for anyone who is health-conscious, wants to control weight, and lead an active life always.  The diet solution is in itself a medicine that helps in the healthy metabolism of the body. When someone takes a ketogenic diet i.e. low carbs and high fat, the body starts producing ketones (small molecules) generated from the fats. These ketones then act as the primary source of energy for the body.

When the body has an optimum level of ketones in the body, it results in some amazing health benefits such as fat-loss, great energy and physical performance.

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I tried many diets, but I found myself with minuscule results that forced me to stop eating or eat only vegetables, it was frustrating, but the Niwali tejocote root plan is very easy to follow and I can eat what I like while losing weight and improving my health.

-Maria G.
Before and after weight loss

Since I started with the Tejocote Root from Niwali Brand, I have lost 10 kg with the challenge, I was convinced by the support that they brought me and that also they provided me with delicious recipes, that filled me with confidence, and they did not disappoint.

-Rachel .C
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The Niwali tejocote root plan is very complete, they are not limited to giving recipes but to making them personalized according to each profile, they follow up and give exercise routines.

-Ryan D.
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It was very easy to lose weight following the Niwali Tejocote Root plan, I had the recipes on hand, the amounts were adapted to my profile and I got support in my process, highly recommended.

-Daria L.

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What to Consume When You Are On Niwali Tejocote Root Diet?

There are specific foods that you should have along with Tejocote Root supplement while on Keto diet. These are ones with net carbs amounting between 0-1 in per 100 grams of the food. The lower is the net carbs, the better it is for ketosis.

Recipes go by us for you, just hands in the kitchen!

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